Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.50.08Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.50.08The London Nineteenth-Century Studies Graduate Conference

Room 349, Senate House, University of London
20th January, 2018


9.00-9.20: Registration. Tea/coffee

9.20-9.30: Introduction

9.30-10.30: Keynote: Professor Patricia Pulham (Surrey): Writing the Object: Victorian Literature and the Visual Arts

Chair: Briony Wickes (King’s College London)

10.30-10.50: Break

10.50-11.50: Panel 1: Visual experience and representation

Chair: Dr Ed Sugden (King’s College London)

Laura Franchetti (Courtauld Institute of Art): ‘Suggesting the Sun Itself: The thermodynamic Heat-Death of the Sun and Frederic Leighton’s Flaming June(c.1895).’

Naomi Daw (Sussex): ‘“A beautiful winking wonder”: Kipling, Burma, and stereoscopic photography.’

Shijia Yu (Birkbeck): ‘A Kind of Its Own: Redefining the Paper Peepshow.’

Emma Merkling (Courtauld Institute of Art): ‘Victorian Physics and Water in Evelyn De Morgan’s Art.’

11.50-12.50: Lunch

12.50-1.50: Panel 2: Authority and representation

Chair: Dr Anne Chapman (King’s College London)

Maria Alambritis (Birkbeck/ National Gallery): ‘From the gallery to the guidebook: art history on the move in late-nineteenth century women’s art writing.’

Gusimran Oberoi (Surrey/ Watts Gallery): ‘Creating Shared Cultural Experiences: The Transatlantic Adoption and Adaptation of G. F. Watts’ Art.’

Ian Murphy (Manchester Metropolitan): ‘Death and the Model: Rachilde’s Monsieur Vénus and the Anatomical Waxwork.’

Natalie Reeve (Royal Holloway):  ‘”[T]his special coffin was of course my sole property”: the competitive mythologizing of Elizabeth Siddal’s exhumation.’

1.50-2.00: Break

2.00-3.00: Plenary Dr Adelene Buckland (King’s College, London): ‘The Colonial History of Deep Time: Imagining Geology in the Nineteenth Century

Chair Dr Nicola Kirkby (King’s College London)

3.00-3.15: Break

3.15 – 4.15: Panel 3: In London

Chair: Robyn Jakeman (Birkbeck)

Maddalena Ruini (Durham): ‘The Trojan collection: Victorian London and the discovery of Troy.’

Janette Leaf (Birkbeck): ‘Redeeming the Coleopterous Monster in Richard Marsh’s The Beetle.’

Lucy Morse (Exeter): ‘“Waterside Character”: Portside Dispossession and the Creation of Enclosed Wet-Docks, Pathologizing Thieves, and the Influence of Commons Preservation within Print Culture in Our Mutual Friend(1864-5).’

Charlotte Wadoux (University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3/Kent): ‘The reader and/as the detective: decoding letters (and other objects) in neo-Victorian literature.’

4.15-4.30: Break

4.30-5.30: Panel 4: Blurred boundaries/ Crossing boundaries

Chair: Janette Leaf (Birkbeck)

Eleanor Shipton (Exeter): ‘But when a sorter goes home from these places to his bed, does he dream of letters?’: Embodying the Post Office in Nineteenth Century Fiction.’

George Mind (National Portrait Gallery/Westminster): ‘Theorising the spatial dynamics of women photographers’ portrait studios in the late-nineteenth century.’

Anya Eastman (Royal Holloway): ‘Wegg’s Leggs: Prosthesis and Self-Improvement.’

Mariam Zarif (King’s College London): ‘The “desexualised half-man”: New Woman and authorial cross-dressing in the fin de siècle.’

5.30-6.00: Closing remarks and reception

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